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22-24 February 2011
The Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan,
Tashkent, Prospect Rashidova, 40

The exhibition «Education and Career» - the most extensive professional activity in the market of education and human services in Uzbekistan.

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education, the Ministry of Education, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan - one of the densely populated countries in Central Asia, bordering Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Population about 27 million, 48% of which - young people aged 15 to 26 years. For the total population of Uzbekistan is ranked third among the countries of the CIS behind Russia and Ukraine. The objectives of the exhibition

 Promoting education among young people;
 Identify current trends and prospects for the development of education;
 Demonstration and promotion of professions and skills necessary for economic and social growth;
 Help young people to choose a future profession and determine their own role in the development of Uzbekistan;
 Revitalization of employment, distribution of data on vacancies and advice on employment;
 demonstrate new technologies, training tools for the educational process.

Thematic content of
The public and commercial institutions of higher education (institutions, universities, academies and affiliates) Business Education
Study Abroad
Institutions, secondary vocational education (schools, lyceums, colleges, technical)
Training, education and training abroad
Postgraduate education
(postgraduate residency) Recruitment, recruitment agencies, labor exchanges, career centers and employment
Private schools and kindergartens E-learning (distance learning)
Educational programs of cultural centers Institute for Advanced Studies
Language Centers Work Abroad
Creative clubs, schools, centers and educational courses HR Consulting
Furniture and equipment for schools
Manufacturers of sports equipment and school uniforms
Cognitive, developing, training, specialized literature and the press
Stationery and school supplies
Information Technology in Education (software for HR-divisions of education and educational institutions, multimedia, audio, video of the training and development, computer hardware)

Exhibition Program (Draft)
Congress Events Presentations Master Classes
The event together with business advice BAS:
Careers in consulting Presentations educational institutions of higher education - the leading market players dance Flora
Presentations training companies Hairdresser's art

Visitors to the exhibition - schoolchildren, students of colleges and high schools, applicants, students, graduates of educational institutions that parents, teachers and managers of educational institutions, business representatives, representatives of training companies, recruitment agencies, representatives of Human Resources, representatives of companies that provide educational process : Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for schools, textbooks, stationery, educational programs and others, representatives of educational administrative structures

Help on the previous exhibition: In 2010, at the «Education and Career» attended by more than 35 institutions and universities in the Republic of Uzbekistan, 115 colleges and high schools of Tashkent, more than 30 training centers and universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Riga, Astrakhan And Kiev. The total number of visitors to the exhibition «Education & Career» more than 30000 people. The main exhibition visitors are young people aged 14 to 25 years.

Participation in the exhibition: the minimum exhibition space for the exhibition is 9 sq. m. Applications for participation in the exhibition till 25 February 2011.


 Tel: +998 71 256-35-13
Fax: +998 71 256-36-13

Mobile: ++998933876446
Official Support

Partner Exhibition


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